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Magpie. Mum

Posted By RealDrama on Oct 6, 2009 at 9:29AM

My Mum and me never really had a brilliant relationship, we argued a lot. She then tried to make up for the arguments by buying me things. My friends were always jelous of how 'spoilt' I was, yet for me it was always the other way round.

My mum has an underactive thyroid... or something. I'm not sure if thats the cause of the violent mood swings or not, but if your in the house when she errupts you just want to be anywhere else but in the centre of it all. Anything can set her off. I've tried numerous approaches of coping with it, my favourite is slamming the door whilst shouting back and running upstairs to plunge myself into something else. Sometimes when her moods were at her worst she would barge into my room in the middle of the night, screaming and shouting at me to tidy it.

Recently my mum has been mainly in good moods... which is hardly suprising. She likes to go shopping in Manchester on day trips, or weekends in London. I refused to believe what was right in front of my tightly closed eyes.

I had stayed at my friends that night, my mum had insisted on it, she also made a very pushy suggestion that I should stay there throughout the day. This wasn't a best friend and I started to feel intrusive as people departed from her house after a very long night. I sauntered back to my house, not wanting a lift due to the fact my mum had asked me to stay.

There was a dark car parked on our drive, a soft top sports car, unfortunately not one of ours. The curtains were shut in my mums room, I tried the door and found it was locked even though it was mid- morning. I knocked and stepped back, I'm not sure why... fear?

My mums curtain pulled back and I could see her wide eyes staring down at me.

After twenty mintutes at the door she came down and ushered me into the kitchen asking me to take the dog out.

Once I got back with the dog the car was gone. No explanation.

Posted By RealDrama on Oct 4, 2009 at 12:37PM

So this is it... I don't like sharing problems and banging on about myself. So this is my time, my chance to just.. rant, talk, share everything. I'm seventeen years old, that stupid age where your not yet an adult but you think you're ready to be one. I'm in my last year of taking A- levels, I kept 3 subjects, Theatre Studies, English combined and Psychology. I dropped Bio coz it was too difficult... and ?I got an E and a U... so yer FAIL.

I went to a pretty crappy secondary school dominated by people who thought you had to be pretty by wearing a very short skirt, a low top, and an inch of make up. This has somehow wormed itself into my mind, which I can tell coz as soon as I try something on in a shop I instantly notice its not short enough... shit.

I didn't go to the main college like the main chunk of my year, i decided to go to a sixth form school. I chose the one furthest away from me :/ which I have to cycle either through the city centre or by pass it round the edge... fun fun fun.

The first year of my new school was rather shit. Most of the people their are very up themselves.. with their ponies and their eight grand cars. I strolled in with my cowboy boots, a top worn as a dress and leggings. bad move.

instant label of slut.. brilliant. I would like to thank secondary school for imprinting the slut image as pretty onto me.. cheeers.

I spent my free time with old school mates going out 'round town' and getting pissed. at the age of sixteen, and with my current boyfriend who is three years older than me and who I have been with since the age of 14.

I'm trying to update you on my life so far, unfortunately there are rather a lot of events to go through so it'll have to be done in stages.

Posted By RealDrama on Oct 4, 2009 at 12:20PM


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Just your average 17 year old girl

Living in a bigged up historic tourist city

Doing A-levels

Living with her parents in a semi-detached

very average

so so normal

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